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NGR Stains

Non Grain Raising Stains

Goudey offers 13 stock colours of spirit soluble NGR alcohol based dye stains. NGR stains are very versatile. They may be used to balance moderate to severe natural wood tone imbalances. They can alter the tone of blonde light woods to simulate the natural tones of deeper more exotic woods prior to staining with wiping stains or Paste Wood Filler. They may also be mixed with nitrocellulose lacquers, shellac, and pre- catalyzed and post catalyzed lacquers to create shaders and toners allowing the finisher to achieve greater depth of colour and richness to their finishing project.

NGR stains are best applied to bare wood with spray equipment for greater control in application. They can also be applied by cotton wiper with consideration given to the very fast set time of alcohol and the size of the wood project. It may be necessary, if the project is large and must be done by hand, to use wood conditioning techniques or product manipulation to achieve an even application. Reduce if desired with 736 NGR Reducer, 700 Methyl Hydrate, 705 Ethyl Alcohol and 788 Lacquer Reducer.


D501 Orange
D502 Yellow
D503 Red
D504 Green
D506 Black

D507 Blue
D521 Brown walnut
D529 Dark walnut
D533 Teak
D534 Mahogany

D535 Oak
D536 Cherry
D537 Medium walnut